Train newcomers to hit quota faster. Pump up existing sales squad to outnumber it.

Onboard is purpose-built for growing sales teams that don't suck.


Enroll to workplace faster

Integrate system in an hour, not days, and without coding


Deliver company values

Corporate materials are unpublic and well-secured 


Provide department 101

Onboard success team is ready to back up with course setup or materials transfer


Save manager time

Need any guidance? Just contact us in chat whenever you need

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Save manager precious time

Relieve them from the routine of repeating the same information dozens of times – let them focus on team management

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Just stop sending them boring docs!

Let's be honest: our employees hate to read tons of instructions. Built interactive courses with Onboard to enroll newcomers faster and first results will not keep waiting 🏆

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Stay tuned in the onboarding process with smart notifications

Focus on your daily tasks while Onboard will remind you about quiz results, completed assignments, and learning progress

Integrate with:


Automated employee onboarding:


and you get:

    Newcomer loyalty
    5+ years experience

Decreases turnover rate by 30-40% 

and you get:

    Lower hiring costs
    Manager time saving
    Less stress for HR & Recruitment team 🙂

Features to help you with onboarding coures

Company BrandingIn-built Screen recording & video uploaderQuizzes & TasksLearning analytics and reportsMobile-readySuper-easy course editorSmart notifications

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